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Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski to helm Clue

Director Gore Verbinski is finally getting a Clue. Universal Studios has attached the director of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy to adapt the famous Hasbro board game to the big screen. He will work on the film through his company Blind Wink, and will share producing duties with Hasbro's Bennet Schneir and Brian Goldner.

By the way Blind Wink senior vice president Jonathan Krauss describes the project, it doesn't sound like it will be very similar to the adaptation from 1985 starring Tim Curry. Instead, Krauss has called it "a global thriller and transmedia even that uses deductive reasoning as its storytelling engine."

This idea of upgrading a board game is not new to Hasbro - the company has other projects in or near production based on their products. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and G.I Joe: Rise of Cobra are set to come out this summer, while films based on Candyland, Monopoly, Ouija boards and even Stretch Armstrong are in various stages of development.

However, before Verbinski accuses Colonel Mustard of using a candle stick in the study, he is going to direct an adaptation of the video game "Bioshock" for Universal. He is currently directing an animated feature from Paramount named Rango, starring none other than Johnny Depp.

Source: Variety

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