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Portland's Hollywood Theatre gets props from Sundance

It's the little theater that could ... or I guess did. The Hollywood Theatre joins a few others around the country as part of the Sundance Family. Let's all look forward to shaking Robert Redford's hand next time we head to this Portland institution (institution in the good way, not the crazy way). Here's the press release ...

The Sundance Institute has selected Film Action Oregon’s historic Hollywood Theatre as one of only eighteen theaters in the country to be part of the Sundance Institute Art House Project.

In 2005 the Sundance Institute established the Art House Project with select cinemas exhibiting independent film. The Project’s mission is to build audiences and develop a supportive national community of theaters committed to independent film. The Project unites the country’s best independent theaters and promotes the growth and appreciation of cinema culture in local communities nationwide.

"We created the Art House Project to go to the heart of where independent spirit lives all year," said John Cooper, Director of Programming, Sundance Film Festival. “Each of the participating theaters is acclaimed for its innovative programming and engagement with the local arts scene. Art House Project theaters foster a cultural intersection for local and visiting filmmakers to showcase their work, for families to gather, and for daily programming to spark critical dialogue and debate.”

"Everyone knows that the Sundance Institute stands for exceptional educational programs and quality programming. It is an honor to be selected as one of the first eighteen organizations to be part of the Art House Project," said Richard Beer, Film Action Oregon’s Artistic Director. "For three years, the Sundance Institute has steadfastly supported the growth of audiences for art house cinema. We are proud that Portland and Film Action’s Hollywood Theatre are now going to be a part of that effort.”

The Hollywood was chosen for it’s unique mix of year-round art house programming and it’s involvement in Portland’s independent film community.

The Sundance Art House Project has several initiatives, including: a series of short films from the Sundance Film Festival, a film tour, and an annual convergence of art house theaters from across the nation held prior to the Sundance Film Festival.

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