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Top Bernie Mac Moments

Bernie Mac died on August 8, 2008. It has put the seldom heard about disease sarcoidosis in the spotlight. Luckily, his comedy with last for decades to come. I had the opportunity of interviewing Mac while he was promoting Pride with Terrence Howard. He struck me as a genuine man who loved his life. Vibe.com has put together a top 10 of Mac moments.

Bernie Mac was one of our most prized comedians. From his early appearances on HBO's Def Comedy Jam to appearances in movies like Friday and Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, the Mac Man always displayed rare comedic moments, for which he will always be remembered.

VIBE.com takes a look at 10 of those moments and remembers Bernie Mac the way he more than likely would’ve wanted us to remember him: a comic genius.

10. Bernie Mac as "Jing A Ling" (from the movie Life)

In this memorable appearance, Bernie Mac plays one of the prisoners known as Jing-A-Lang (Jing-A-Lang) and he talks to Martin Lawrence’s character, explaining “fondness” for men “mostly in prison.” The film showed how even amongst a star-studded roster of comedians (Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Anthony Anderson, Miguel A. Núñez Jr.) Mac could always steal a moment.

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Source: Vibe.com

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