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TSR Buzz: Bill Murray, John Malkovich, and Dogs Save the World

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  • Straight from Reddit, Bill Murray talks about making Moonrise Kingdom. He seems to be in costume, but that's how I'd expect him to dress in real life.


  • I'm rewatching all the Alien movies leading up to the release of Prometheus in a couple of weeks. For now, here's another clip, this one featuring Nomi Rapace as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. I have no idea what it means.


  • I will watch anything featuring John Malkovich, even a commercial. He develops a relationship with Siri.


  • I don't know who Swedish House Mafia are, but this video features dogs saving the world! It's pretty awesome, especially when the puppies show up.


  • Comedian Peter Serafinowicz directed another video for Hot Chip, following 2010's "I Feel Better" video. This one is just as creepy and nonsensical, but has more Terrance Stamp and Reggie Watts. By the way, I think Reggie Watts is officially in everything now.


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