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TSR Blog - I Got the Summer Movie Blues

When I'm not reviewing films, I typically go to see one to two movies a week at first run movie theaters.  This summer I'm having a hard time doing that.  Back in April I was really excited.  I poured through my Summer Movie Issue of Entertainment Weekly and saw a lot to look forward to.  Of course I knew that not everything was going to be great, but there should be enough to give me at least one new movie a week.  Unfortunately, that hasn't really been the case.  I've seen Inception, Toy Story 3 and Iron Man 2.  Beyond that I've pretty much stuck to a second run theater. Have you looked at the reviews on this site?  There are a lot of big movies with 5's.  Salt, The Last Airbender, Predators, Eclipse, and The Grown-Ups all got a 5 or less from at least one TSR critic.  There are some smaller films that get better reviews, I'm looking forward to seeing The Kids Are Alright, but come on, typically most of my movie viewing in the summer takes place at the multiplex seeing big action movies or comedies.  This year has yet to churn out a Hangover and I think Sex and the City was the only movie aimed at women over the age of 30.  Not that I need a movie to be aimed at me, Inception wasn't and it may very well be the best thing I'll see all year.  But still, it'd be nice to have a film that tells a story at women that's half as good as Mad Men or True Blood.  Speaking of, that's another reason I'm not at the movies.  In the last few years, summer TV has gotten really good.  The aforementioned shows are two of my favorites that air any time of the year.  And though it's sad, I've laughed more at Wipeout this summer than at any new comedy.  The Other Guys and Scott Pilgrim have yet to be released, so maybe the trend can be reversed, but normally August is a graveyard.  Case in point, Piranha 3D.

First run movie theaters in Portland cost $10 after 4PM.  However, I can go to a theater pub and see a movie that's only a month or two old plus get a beer and a slice of pizza for $10.  It's becoming hard to justify the cost of a full priced movie unless I actually think it will be really good.  And unfortunately I don't.

So yeah, my summer's not looking like a great time for movies, but don't pity me.  I have Netflix, cable and fall will be here soon.  I'll make it.

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