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TOP 7 Anticipated Films (March & April 2009)

The Oscars of 2008 have past, and now with a beefy line-up of films we can dive headfirst in 2009. Though the highly anticipated Watchmen film is undeniably the most important one of the next two months, (if not the entire year), there are plenty of other movies bound to keep multiplex audiences busy. A wide variety of titles are scheduled, ranging from Hannah Montana: The Movie to the exceptionally less sissy Crank 2: High Voltage. Whatever gets you going (to the theatres), Hollywood is sure to offer. But it doesn't matter. Viva la Watchmen! Here's a list of the top 7 anticipated films of March and April. What do you think should be added to the list?

7. Fast and Furious - Reboot mania produces another example with a new version of Fast and Furious - despite the fact that the "original" came out in 2001. More mysterious than the series' speedy reboot is the salivation one experiences when watching the film's super snazzy trailer. The teaser ends with the promise that Fast and Furious will be a "new model" but with "original parts". Making true that statement (so far) is the casting - Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster, all of who were in the 2001 film. The story for the new movie may not be the same as the "original", but it is certain to center on illegal street racing and thus involve tons of references to NOS tanks. It remains to be seen whether this reboot will justify its existence, but with the hint of explosive action sequences and gritty handheld cinematography, this fun ride might be able to remind us why people like Vin really are so Diesel. Release date: April 3rd

6. Adventureland - Director of Superbad Greg Mottola is showing us what it feels like to grow up again with this new film about a recently graduated college student (Jesse Eisenberg) who works a crap job at an amusement park. Written and directed by Mottola, it also stars Twilight star Kristen Stewart, along with SNL funny people Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig. Adventureland's R-rating feels like a focus on the same crowd that saw Superbad, but this film is hoping said audience liked that film's sweet moments as much as its shenanigans. Regardless, a red-band trailer for this new upper-teens comedy hints that this could be a film as funny as it is fuzzy. Release date: April 3rd

5. Duplicity - Clive Owen didn't have much success with Tom Tykwer or Naomi Watts in last month's The International - let's hope for a type of rebound with Duplicity. The film is written/directed Tony Gilroy, who brought us the awesomely self proclaimed "god of death" Michael Clayton. With his newest movie, it seems that Gilroy is focusing more on comedy than drama while still maintaining some smarts. Other than it's respected creator, the film (about two spies who work together to con their feuding bosses) has a promising cast. The combination of Owen, Julia Roberts, Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson could make for an experience more sexy than I Love You, Man, and probably more intelligent than the Nicolas Cage film Knowing. Release date: March 20th

4. Monsters Vs. Aliens - This film's advertisements during last year's Super Bowl (which were mandatorily in 3-D) were reportedly successful. The new film from DreamWorks (so cleverly explained in its title) is partly an effort from the company to heighten the appeal of 3-D technology to both movie theaters and their patrons. CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg even went on an optimistic statewide tour, showing select scenes from the family comedy (which I am told were basically gorgeous). On top of the 3-D implementation is the usage of IMAX screens. The cherry on top to all of this is its the casting, which features names like Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Hugh Laurie, Will Arnett, Stephen Colbert, and Reese Witherspoon. But with all of these elements thrown together, it definitely seems like Katzenberg and Co. are begging desperately for a big hit with Monsters Vs. Aliens - especially after being continuously squashed by animation gods Pixar. Release date: March 27th

3. The Soloist - This film from Atonement director Joe Wright was originally intended to come out November 2008, but was pushed back by the studio for financial reasons (in same way we won't see Cormac McCarthy's The Road until winter 2009). The release date change does generate some curiosity about how good the film will actually be, but the casting and premise of The Soloist sound promising. This could be a continuation of Robert Downey Jr.'s streak of awesome roles, and another great performance from Jamie Foxx. Add into the mix a story about a virtuoso musician who is schizophrenic and homeless (Foxx), and you've got at the least a guaranteed tear jerker. Don't believe me? Check out the incredible first trailer here: Release date: April 24th

2. I Love You, Man - Jason Segel = very funny. Paul Rudd = very funny. Jason Segel + Paul Rudd = super funny? This seems to be the chemistry question pondered by I Love You, Man, a "bromance"/comedy starring the two actors. And contrary to what you would think with such casting, this is NOT from the "King Midas of Comedy" Judd Apatow. In fact, Seth Rogen doesn't even make an appearance (Andy Samberg, Rob Huebel, J.K Simmons, Thomas Lennon, Jaime Pressly and Lou Ferrigno do, however). Dating crowds flocked to multiplexes around the same time last year to forget Sarah Marshall, and their memories of that film may be wiped all together when falling for I Love You, Man. Release date: March 20th

1. Watchmen - Thanks to films like The Dark Knight or even Persepolis, it seems that movies based on comic books/graphic novels are becoming accepted in a more positive (albeit thematically darker) light. The long, long, long awaited arrival of a Watchmen movie is certain to create curiosity with a wide audience that doesn't mind their superheroes a bit dark. However, those who have read the graphic novel of which this film is based are aware of two things - the twelve issue story is certainly not easy to adapt, (never mind justify), and it certainly isn't as action packed as it may seem. Regardless, this epic about defunct superheroes attempting to save the world has potential to both positively continue the graphic novel movie movement, and also inspire even more people to read the incredible book. Release date: March 6th

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