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I Cried a Lot in 2016, But Only at the Movies (via Crooked Scoreboard)

This entire article may be read at CrookedScoreboard. The young people would tell me I had all the feels in 2016. Actually, way too many my age would say the same. I know I brought plenty of emotional baggage to the theater in 2016, and in return, this past year of cinema made me tear up, quiver, tremble, and blubber like a baby. I blame Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, J.A. Bayona, Alex R. Hibbert, and Sunny Pawar, among others. I’ll even hand out awards at the end (because we need more movie awards).

Part of me doesn’t even want to write this because it means I’ll probably be reaching for a tissue or two. But we must sacrifice for our art, or in this case, an internet article.

In general, I cry more in the theater than in real life. But it’s not like I bawl my eyes out, and use a whole box of tissues to get through a film. I never plan on crying, but I do have a technique. I let the tears stream. No wiping. Additionally, my body magically helps me by only letting tears fall out of the opposite eye as the person I’m sitting next to. I’m not kidding. It’s my super power.

Before we officially get started, Collateral Beauty can see itself out now. No matter how bad you wanted it, this doesn’t include you.

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