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Film School Club at Film School Rejects is Coming March 26 with Guest Critic Drew McWeeny

I am Jeff Bayer, and I have not seen every film in the world. A new column is coming called Film School Club with Jeff Bayer. You have an assignment. Watch Dead Man by Jim Jarmusch. The column discussing the film with Jeff Bayer and guest Drew McWeeny will be available on Thursday, March 26. The film is available on Netflix Instant, and can be rented on iTunes and Amazon.

When I was at the Sundance Film Festival in January, a group of film critics gathered outside to discuss whatever film we all just exited. I said something, I can’t remember exactly what it was, but another film critic, whom I respect, said, “Whatever, you’ve only seen one (Joe) Swanberg film.”

“That’s not true,” I said. “I’ve seen two*.” There was a little laughter from the group, I think partially at my expense.

His comment stuck with me. I have my Master’s in journalism, and while getting that degree, I immediately gravitated toward entertainment/film writing and criticism. I have been a film critic for ten years. I see approximately 175 new films each year. I’ve been a movie fan forever, and typically feel like more of a fan than a critic, but my history with films could improve. I’ve only seen one Akira Kurosawa film. I haven’t seen six Stanley Kubrick films. I still haven’t sat through Gone with the Wind or Schindler’s List. There are countless documentaries, foreign-language films and historically important movies I haven’t seen, and even more that I don’t even realize I haven’t seen. Though I have to admit, I’m kind of convinced I’ve seen every comedy that I will consider great. I hope that’s just foolish.

I’m doing something about this, and I hope you come on this journey with me...

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