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Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider, Episode 228: Fantastic Fest!

0:00-5:50 – Intro; Jeff is still at Fantastic Fest, Eric left a day early; we talk about some movies we liked:5:50-9:35 – Norwegian dark comedy “In Order of Disappearance” 9:35-12:30 – Teen horror film “It Follows” 12:30-16:20 – Chinese crime comedy “No Man’s Land” 16:20-20:00 – Belgian youth horror “Cub” 20:00-23:30 – Norwegian existential drama “Blind” 23:30-27:10 – “The Astrologer,” a 1975 oddity 27:10-29:15 – “Electric Boogaloo,” a documentary about Cannon Films 29:15-32:10 – “Kung Fu Elliot,” Canadian doc about a would-be martial arts star 32:10-33:20 – “Danger 5″ season 2 isn’t as funny as season 1 (which you should watch on Hulu) 33:20-36:15 – Austrian thriller “Goodnight Mommy” 36:15- QOTW (’80s TV shows to be made into movies); wrap-up and farewell

QOTW: What’s the (supposedly) best movie that you’ve started watching but never finished?

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