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Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider, Episode 142: ‘Promised Land,’ ‘The Impossible,’ and more

0:00-2:00 – Introduction; it’s a new year and it’s called 20132:00-12:20 – “Promised Land” review 12:20-22:30 – “The Impossible” review 22:30-33:40 – “Not Fade Away” review, plus a mention of “Take This Waltz” 33:40-38:00 – “Any Day Now” review, plus an anecdote about Alan Cumming 38:00-42:20 – QOTW assignment, and parenting (it’s connected) 42:20-52:35 – Pitch Me (dramatic thriller with James Gandolfini and Tommy Lee Jones 52:35-55:20 – iTunes review 55:20-58:40 – Wrap-up; Bayer is going to the Critics’ Choice Awards on Jan. 10; goodbyes

QOTW: What are your parents’ favorite movies? For extra fun, make your best guess, then ask your parents to find out if you were right. Anecdotes are welcome too.

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