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Introducing My Nephew to 'Jaws' for 'Shark Week'

I have to admit that classic "dah-dum… dah-dum" was back in my head, making me feel nervous again. I was worried about Jaws, but for a completely different reason; I was going to have my 13-year-old nephew, Cole, watch the film for the first time. When I first asked Cole if he'd be willing to watch, he said, "Isn't it PG? It can't be scary."

I knew this would be nothing like my first experience with the film. I was negative 13 months when the movie opened in June of 1975. I didn't meet Jaws until January 1984 (I was in second grade), when my mom left us for one week to help out with a family emergency. That's right, my dad was in charge. When our homework and chores were done, our reward was Jaws on Monday night, Jaws 2 on Tuesday night, and Jaws 3 on Wednesday night. We all laid down in front of the TV, lights off, and I was tucked under my dad's left arm, my older sister under my dad's right. Both of us were ready to dash our heads away from the TV, into my dad's chest for protection when that "dah-dum" kicked in. I was petrified and excited.

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