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Trailer Truth: The Cabin in the Woods

I never watch a trailer until after I’ve seen the movie, and I also attempt to avoid as much news as possible. Then I compare what I knew, to what you knew. Let’s find out if what we see in the trailer is what we get, and if there is any advantage to going in fresh. (There will be spoilers.) What I Knew Before: Barely anything. I was able to see this film Friday, March 9 at SXSW. It was the opening night movie at the film festival and people were excited. There was enough twitter buzz that I knew Joss Whedon was involved, but I had no clue who was in the cast. I didn't know The Cabin in the Woods had actually been completed in 2009. That would have lowered my expectations. In most cases, if a film doesn't get released in a timely fashion it means the studio doesn't believe in it, know what to make of it, or know how to sell it.

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