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35th Portland International Film Festival: February 9-25

Once again, it is February and in Portland (and hopefully everywhere else) the most exciting event is definitely not Valentine's Day. The 35th Portland International Film Festival (PIFF) will run from February 9 to 25, and now the complete schedule is online. The Scorecard Review will have as many reviews as we can possibly muster.

This link will give you complete coverage from The Scorecard Review.

From Northwest Film Center About the Festival Drawing an audience of over 35,000, the Portland International Film Festival (PIFF) is the biggest film event in Oregon, premiering more than 100 international shorts and feature films to Portland audiences each February. Audiences can experience a variety of parties, visiting artists, and plenty of festival adventure taking in this feast of cinematic fare.

This year’s PIFF presents 93 feature and 46 short films from more than three dozen countries, in an inspiring, eclectic snapshot of recent international cinema that we hope will stimulate your filmgoing well beyond the Festival itself. As part of the Film Center’s 40th Anniversary Season, we continue to look forward to the new more than celebrating the past, as we consider the role that film and the Film Center play in animating the regional cultural community.

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