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Episode 73: Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider - 'Fright Night,' 'Conan the Barbarian' and 'One Day'

It’s the ’80s on Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider. First up is theremake of the ’80s horror film “Fright Night” starring Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell and Imogen Poots. Both Eric and Jeff were a fan of the film, though Jeff seems a little surprised by how much he liked it. Next, it’s the remake of the ’80s action flick that originally starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now it stars Jason Momoa and Jeff and Eric say it’s just a little bit crazy. Finally it’s the romance “One Day.” What does that have to do with the ’80s? Well it takes place over the course of many years, starting with 1988, so there. We answer the QOTW: What bad 1980s movie do you think could be remade into a good one?

Also, we have a special guest on the show next week! “Bellflower” opens in Portland on 8/26, and we’re going to have writer/director/star/producer/crazy person Evan Glodell on the show to talk about it! It will be fun! Let us know if you have any questions for him.

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