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Best Year of Movies? 2010 vs. 1994 - 2nd Round

What year had the best movies? It's a simple question, right? No. You're wrong. How could you think that it's simple? How do we break it down? Does every movie count? What year do we start? Settle down. I've figured it out.

2010 How to Train Your Dragon - Toy Story 3 - The Social Network - True Grit - The King's Speech - Black Swan - Inception vs. 1994 Clerks - Pulp Fiction - Four Weddings and a Funeral - The Lion King - Speed - The Shawshank Redemption - Forrest Gump

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What movies did we miss? What movies should others be reminded about? State your case in the comments below.

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The full details ...

To decide what year has the best movies, we started with 2010 and working backwards 32 years. Why 32? Because then we can put it in a bracket just like the NCAA Final Four. For each year, TSR has listed seven notable films. The key word is notable. Well, actually films would be the key word, but you get my point. Yes, you should consider any and all movies from a given year. I just gave you a reference to some of the key movies in a given year. Why seven? Well, we do TOP 7 lists, so that's why we've helped you out with seven suggestions from that year.

Now, I don't want to tell you how you should vote, but here's how you should vote ... Don't do this -- Well, Star Wars is my favorite film, so 1977 wins every time. Consider the entire year of films and how it ranks. The latest year goes against the earliest year, the second latest year against the second earliest, and so on and so forth.

Enjoy. Vote. Tell your friends. In that order.

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