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Episode 38: Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider - 'TRON,' 'The Fighter,' 'Yogi Bear' and more

The holidays are coming and so are some movies totally worthy seeing. Eric D. Snider says “TRON: Legacy” is pretty to look at but not much else. Jeff Bayer disagrees and says it’s pretty to look at and more. “The Fighter” is a boxing movie worth your time with Christian Bale stealing many scenes away from Mark Wahlberg (not in a bad way). Eric didn’t see “I Love You Phillip Morris” but Jeff did and describes it as a gay “The Informant!” Thanks to knee surgery, Jeff didn’t sit through “How Do You Know” or “Yogi Bear” and that’s where Eric comes in to give you his take. They answer plenty of QOTWs and the next Question of the Week is “What is your favorite overlooked movie of 2010?” Email your answers to moviebspdx@gmail.com and check out our Facebook page on www.facebook.com/MovieBSpdx. LISTEN HERE

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Flicks on 6: 'The Fighter,' 'TRON: Legacy' and 'How Do You Know'

The Fighter