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TSR Movie Awards: Actress of the Decade (Almost)

The Scorecard Review Movie Awards: Best of the Decade (Almost)

Actress of the Year (multiple roles) Editor's note--Each year, actresses who have been in more than one film are nominated for this category. If they were only in one film, they can't be nominated.

2002 - Julianne Moore - The Hours, Far From Heaven 2002 - Meryl Streep - The Hours, Adaptation 2003 - Kiera Knightley - Pirates of the Caribbean, Love Actually, Bend in Like Beckam 2003 - Renee Zellweger - Cold Mountain, Down With Love 2004 - Kate Winslett - Finding Neverland, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004 - Natalie Portman - Closer, Garden State 2005 - Reese Witherspoon - Walk the Line, Just Like Heaven 2005 - Catherine Keener - Capote, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, The Interpreter 2006 - Cate Blanchett - Babel, Notes of a Scandal 2006 - Kate Winslett - The Holiday, All the King's Men, Little Children 2007 - Jennifer Garner - Superbad, Juno 2007 - Cate Blanchett - Elizabeth: The Golden Age, I'm Not There 2008 - Kate Winslett - Revolutionary Road, The Reader 2008 - Meryl Streep - Doubt, Mamma Mia! 2009 - Meryl Streep - Julie & Julia, It's Complicated, Fantastic Mr. Fox 2009 - Amy Adams - Sunshine Cleaning, Night at the Museum 2, Julie & Julia, Moonlight Serenade

Every year we select the best in films and let our TSR fans score each and every one. Now it's time to look back. This is just one of 24 categories in The Scorecard Review Movie Awards: Best of the Decade (Almost). The nominations from above are the top two finishers from each year of The Scorecard Review Movie Awards.

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