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Episode 26: The Best of Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider

This week’s episode pays tribute to a time-honored cop-out device: the clip show. Bayer and Snider are both out of town this week and weren’t able to pre-tape a new show before they went their separate ways, so here’s a compilation of moments from previous episodes that perhaps are not entirely unamusing. Enjoy this trip down memory lane, won’t you? Live show is back next week. E-mail us at moviebspdx@gmail.com. TSR's complete Film Review Database


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About the show …

Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider

Jeff Bayer and Eric D. Snider are movie critics, but not the stuffy, elitist kind. They’re not the idiotic fanboy kind either. So what kind of movie critics are they? The kind with an Internet radio show, that’s what.

“Movie B.S.” features reviews of new films both good and bad, smackdowns of the bad movies of yesteryear, and a plethora of other movie-related features. All of it is tied together by cavalier banter between Bayer and Snider, who noticed that there was a dearth of cavalier banter on the Internet and sought to rectify that.

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