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Ham-Fisted Radio: James Cameron's 'Avatar,' Mo'nique's 'Precious,' and more

Jeff Bayer ... the tallest film critic in America. At least that's what I have now decided on Dawn Taylor's podcast HamFistedRadio.com. Taylor popped my podcast cherry and I had a great time. In fact, I'm available, if you'd like a movie whore on your podcast, give me a call. We talked about James Cameron's Avatar, Mo'nique, Moon, A Serious Man, "Jersey Shore," and beer. Fatboy Roberts of Cort and Fatboy fame, joined as well and we had a grand old time.

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I'll let Taylor sell you on the rest of the show ...

On the tenth episode -- yes, TENTH EPISODE! -- of Ham-Fisted Radio, we chat with film critic Jeff Bayer and Fatboy Roberts about these red-hot topics:

* If Jeff is, indeed, the tallest film critic in America! * What the hell the Coen Brothers' A Serious Man is about! * Eric D. Snider's proficiency at shushing movie-talkers! * Which has the more avid fan base, Twilight or Avatar! * What happened when Jeff sat in Richard Roeper's screening-room seat! * Whether you should wash meat! * The national I.Q. of France! * The joys of Moon! * ... and much more!

Music on this episode:

"Big Bad Handsome Man," Imelda May "I Don't Know," Jeff Bridges (from the Crazy Heart soundtrack) "Your Thing is a Drag," Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings "Limehouse Blues," Django Reinhardt

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