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The Official Game of Poovie (Poop + Movie)

I am not the creator, I am just the messenger. I just learned about a new game. It's called "Poovie." Poop + movie.

The Rules of Poovie:

1. Come up with a movie title that can make you think of poop or pooping. 2. No commenter can go two times in a row. 3. You can only give one movie title per turn.

Need some help thinking? Here are some examples --

Operation Dumbo Drop Five Easy Pieces The Firm Something's Gotta Give The Big Easy Grease Deep Impact Gone in 60 Seconds

I originally heard of this idea from an interview by Justin Long. Yes, the kid from "Ed" who is dating Drew Barrymore and starred in Live Free and Die Hard, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and Drag Me to Hell has done something perhaps even more impressive than any of those flicks.

Enjoy the game.

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