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Flicks on 6 - Avatar, Up in the Air, Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Big. That's the theme for this weekend's movies. Avatar is enormous. Enough said. With Did You Hear About the Morgans? it's got two of the biggest rom-com stars with Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker. And Up in the Air ... well, the sky is pretty, right? And that George Clooney fellow as well. As always with my segments on "Keep it Local" on KOIN Local 6, there are things that we didn't get to. It's impossible to know some of the twists and turns we will take on live TV.

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With Avatar, I think we covered everything. For Did You Hear About the Morgans? I just wanted to say to rent Doc Hollywood because it's better in every way, and similar enough. For Up in the Air, if you're curious, those are real people who have been fired. No, George Clooney didn't deliver the official news. Instead director Jason Reitman called people in who were recently fired and told them it was for a documentary. Then they gave their stories of being fired in this economy and what they said, or wish they would have said.

Also, the Top 6 in Portland theaters right now ...

Fantastic Mr. Fox The Hurt Locker - still playing at Fox 10 Tower (thank you Mr. Tower) Pirate Radio Precious The Princess and the Frog Up in the Air

And now, onto the show ... good thing I fixed my sock at the end, when nothing was wrong with it. Very important. Sigh.