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2 Days in Paris

Plot: Marion (Julie Delpy) is a French photographer who lives in New York with her boyfriend Jack (Adam Goldberg). Together they go to Paris and stay with her parents. While there, a cultural divide begins to develop and the couple’s relationship is consistently tested while Jack encounters Marion’s old boyfriends. Who’s it for: Anyone who is a fan of dysfunctional relationships and thinks arguing with their mate is a fun pastime.

Expectations: I really had none. I’ve liked Delpy’s performances in “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset,” and Goldberg has always balanced the line between funny and annoying.



Julie Delpy as Marion: She’s a natural. Her beauty and charisma always seem to easily shine through. Marion is a woman who does have problems, mainly with flittering, and it’s good to see Delpy (the director) not give Delpy (the actor) a perfect, flawless character. Grade: 7

Adam Goldberg as Jack: This is the make or break role of the movie. You know how when you’re a kid and you pick at a scab? It’s enjoyable even though you never asked for the scab in the first place. Goldberg is that scab. He’s an angry, arrogant, annoyed, pompous Woody Allen — and he’s absolutely fantastic in this role. Grade: 9

Talking: Jack says things like, “I’ll be quiet for two days,” and it doesn’t even last two seconds. The dialogue is quick and tiny throwaway lines like, “pretend you’re on drugs,” when Jack is taking Marion’s photo, make this film worth seeing. Grade: 7

Sights and sounds: Delpy controls all aspects of this film. She wrote, directed, edited and composed the score. It has a very nice homemade feel, with photomontages scattered throughout the film. Plus, the penis balloons were a funny moment. Grade: 7


“2 Days in Paris” is a nice surprise from the typical films this summer. First off, you have to like complainers, otherwise Adam Goldberg will drive you nuts. There are no easy answers in relationships and watching Marion and Jack struggle turns out to be a joy instead of an annoyance. Plus, Delpy’s direction gives you a glimpse of her Paris without hopping in a plane. Not a bad hour and a half vacation at all.

Overall Grade: 7

Resurrecting the Champ

Julie Delpy from 2 Days in Paris