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Plot: Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) are friends who are never apart. As high school comes to an end they have to deal with going to different colleges. Suddenly, they are given the task of providing alcohol to a party, and they look at it as their last chance to be in the cool crowd. They get Fogel (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) to use his fake I.D., but that only complicates things when he runs into two cops (Bill Hader and screenwriter Seth Rogen). Who's it for: This is tailor made for college kids but should appeal to a wider audience as long as they can get past the language.

Expectations: With Seth Rogen (“Knocked Up”) writing the script and Michael Cera from “Arrested Development” involved, I was excited. Plus, there was HUGE buzz about this being the funniest movie of the summer. That actually made me nervous because when someone tells you that you’re about to see the funniest movie ever, it normally doesn’t live up to the hype.



Jonah Hill as Seth: When Hill was in “Knocked Up” he was just a nice piece to the puzzle. In “Superbad” he controls the tempo. And what’s great about Hill is, he’s able to explore an arrogance while we still root for him. It’s a difficult thing to pull off. Grade: 8

Michael Cera as Evan: Based on his resume, Cera is the greatest awkward teenager of all time. He fumbles through lines with perfection and makes you cringe with hopeful nervousness every time he takes a chance. Grade: 9 Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Fogell: His name might be Fogell, but he’ll forever be remembered as McLovin, the kid who got a single name for his fake I.D. This newcomer nails it as the ultimate geek who still has some confidence. Grade: 8 Talking: The first 30 minutes are perfection. Every one-liner is hilarious, and all the characters play off each other perfectly. A great example of this is when Seth begs his Home Ec teacher for a partner, quietly apologizing for cursing the entire time. Grade: 9

Sights and sounds: Wow, I almost forgot how good the song “Panama” is by Van Halen. Thankfully, “Superbad” reminded me. But the image that will be left in my head is the disgustingly funny visit a girl gets from her “monthly friend.” Grade: 8


Best Scene: Quentin Tarantino reinvented slow motion with “Reservoir Dogs.” Well, “Superbad” makes it work for comedy as well. When Seth and Evan walk off the bus to meet up with Fogell, the confidence, awkwardness and annoyance is all captured perfectly.

Ending: Just like the morning after a night out drinking, “Superbad” takes it easy in the end, with everybody meeting up at the mall. Stick around for the end credits and more creative drawings from Seth.

Random Thoughts: If Evan and Seth have been best friends forever, why didn’t Evan know about the “problem” Seth had in elementary school drawing penises whenever he had the chance? Also, would you really drink beer that was mixed together with laundry detergent when you were 18?.. Yeah, you’re right, I would probably try it too.

Rewatchability: I have already seen this film twice and would easily sit through it again, especially with all the extras that will be on the DVD. This will be a movie to own. OVERALL

The comic-duo of Jonah Hill and Michael Cera reminded me of an immature, foul-mouthed Laurel & Hardy. They played off of each other perfectly and “Superbad” is filled with some of the funniest moments of the summer. The best humor comes from the reality of the situations, mainly high school boys wanting to get with girls. The story loses some of it’s credibility with McLovin and two terrible cops, but the laughs are enough to make this one of the must see films of the summer.

Overall Grade: 8

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