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License to Wed

Plot: Reverend Frank (Robin Williams) is a marriage counselor who puts a young couple through a series of tests before he allows them to get married. Who's it for: No one. I’m about to get married and I didn’t find any connection. Plus, there aren’t any laughs to speak of in this “comedy.”

Expectations: The previews didn’t look good, but I thought this film would be more about the couple and less about Robin Williams. I was wrong.



Robin Williams as Reverend Frank: Williams is apart of three of my all-time favorite films, “Dead Poet’s Society,” “Good Will Hunting” and “The Fisher King.” But the more he works, the more I realize it’s all about the material with him. Instead of coming of wise or cool, it’s insane and idiotic. He’s awful as a minister who engages in pain, lying and voyeurism to help couples. There is only one thing worse than Williams and that is Josh Flitter as his sidekick. Grade: 1 John Krasinki as Ben: This is Krasinki’s biggest role outside “The Office.” He seems affable enough, but I never got a sense of who he really is. I’m not even sure what he does for a living. I think we’re supposed to be rooting for him the entire time, but the only thing I wanted was for him to punch Reverend Frank, unfortunately when that actually happens it didn’t give me the relief I was hoping for. Grade: 5

Mandy Moore as Sadie: These are the type of cookie-cutter roles I am sick of women getting stuck with. Supposedly she’s a control freak, but then why does she let Reverend Frank dictate all of her decisions? Grade: 2

Sights and sounds: All the big comedy moments are over-the-top illogical. Whether it’s the word association game that gets Ben to insult his future family in mere seconds, or a blindfolded drive through the city, I never laughed. Grade: 0


One word — disrespect. “License to Wed” managed to offend me on a multitude of levels. Even though I disagree with much of organized religion, I felt bad for ministers to be somehow grouped with Reverend Frank. As someone engaged, I felt they disrespected what marriage can and should mean. And most importantly, I’m offended at their attempt at cringe-worthy humor. “The Office” manages to make me laugh at the expense on the insanely annoying Michael Scott (Steve Carell), but this film never understands you MUST provide a reason to root for someone unlikable. This is Robin Williams at his worst and not even John Krasinki, doing a poor-man’s Jim Halpert, can save this film’s soul. Avoid this film.

Overall Grade: 2

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