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Plot: Michael Moore’s new documentary is all about the health care industry. He spends some time discussing the uninsured, but mainly focuses on those who think they are safe with their health insurance policies. Moore also takes us to other countries like Canada, France and Cuba to showcase some differences. Who’s it for: This should be for every one of us who is concerned, but Moore has made enemies on the right who will probably boycott the film.

Expectations: I was excited to see what Moore would do as a filmmaker and what I would learn about the industry. I’ve spent the majority of my adult life without a solid health care plan and therefore have lived in financial fear of any health problems.


Actors: Michael Moore: Less is Moore. When people think of this man, an image of him thrusting a mic into the face of a CEO is typical. But he’s rarely seen until the end and it pays off in this film. Grade: 8

George W. Bush: He’s barely in it, with the focus of this film rarely about Democrats and Republicans, but when the President does show up, it’s good for a laugh … typically at his expense. Grade: 9

Talking: Expect to bring a tissue or two along with you to watch this film. The personal stories that are told, including a mother who loses a child, are extremely heartfelt. Grade: 10 Sights and sounds: Music is used well throughout the film. To showcase the medical conditions not covered through insurance, “Sicko” uses “Star Wars” music and graphics, which is insanely funny, but then becomes poignant and sad with the realization of how many health problems can be ignored by the system. Grade: 8


Best scene: Moore had to know he wouldn’t be able to get the rescue workers from 9/11 into Guantanamo Bay, but he probably didn’t realize the warm reception that was waiting for him in Cuba. It was amazing to learn how this country, with such little money has a doctor on almost every block and was willing to help people that our country wouldn’t.

Random thoughts: Moore’s job is not to speak 100 percent truth, 100 percent of the time. He is a filmmaker, who entertains through fact, comedy and opinion. He brings to light situations and hopes to elicit change. Even if you think he sheds too positive a light on other country’s health care, keep asking yourself, “Are you content with ours?”

Rewatchability: Absolutely. Almost more importantly, it’s a rare film that you should have movie AND THEN dinner (not the reverse). So gather some friends together and talk about it afterwards. OVERALL

When we last saw Michael Moore he was attempting to get the citizens of the United States to notice that George W. Bush shouldn’t have pushed America into war with Iraq. In fact, he was booed at the Oscars for saying such things, and his fight failed to stop the reelection of Bush. Let’s see what “Sicko” will do to the health care industry. Moore mainly stays on the sidelines in this documentary. Moore’s mere presence becomes politicizing, but this film attempts to make people realize the health of people in this country should have nothing to do with income and politics. Moore didn’t stop Bush, but maybe he awakened some sleeping Americans, hopefully “Sicko” will do the same.

Overall Grade: 9


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