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In the Land of Women

Plot: Women love falling for Carter Webb (Adam Brody). After a famous actress, Sophia (Elana Anaya), breaks up with him, Carter heads to Michigan, to take care of his ailing grandmother. Across the street he encounters Sarah (Meg Ryan) and a family of women. Through them, he attempts to figure himself out. Who's it for: Anyone who enjoys a coming-of-age drama with a little humor thrown in.

Expectations: I feel like it's been a decade since I've seen Meg Ryan in a film, so that interested me, but otherwise I didn't really have any expectations. My "O.C." watching consists of one episode about four years ago.



Adam Brody as Carter Webb: Brody delivers a light sarcasm throughout the film which I enjoyed. Carter is a writer who is stuck drafting soft-core porn. A main character as a unfulfilled writer is familiar territory for films, but we never really get a sense of what Carter is capable of, or if we are rooting for him to succeed. Grade: 5

Meg Ryan as Sarah: Her last good movie was "You've Got Mail," and notice I didn't say "great." The few walks that Carter and Sarah share are supposedly life changing, but really, it just seems odd putting these two together. It was much more interesting watching Sarah deal with her cheating husband, and difficult daughter. Grade: 5 Overall: As soon as it's over, you start forgetting about it. It's not a bad movie, it's just fine. There is nothing truly memorable about "In the Land of Women," except for the ailing Olympia Dukakis, who delivers one-liners about dying. Adam Brody plays a 26-year-old but, because of his previous work with "The O.C.," it seems natural for him to hang out with high schoolers. So when Lucy (Kristen Stewart) is interested in him, it doesn't seem that odd, but when Sarah (Meg Ryan) does, it's awkward. Adam Brody is stuck having the ladies fall for him "In The Land of Women," that's not a bad thing, but it's not that interesting either.

Overall Grade: 5

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