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Is The 'Avatar' Story Headed Towards Another Planet?

With his epic original film Avatar taking in $623.6 million worldwide in just two weeks, I think it's fair to say that director James Cameron is not just the king of the world, but probably the entire galaxy. He has dominated the world of Pandora with the record-breaking film, and is now considering other planets for possible sequels to Avatar. Speaking to Hero Complex, Cameron hinted that the future sequels could possibly feature the moons that neighbor Pandora, and possibly even the central planet of Polyphemus.

Said Cameron: "The planet in Pandora's sky is called Polyphemus and it's the primary for a system of moons, just like in our solar system, Jupiter has fifty some moons and they're discovering smaller ones all of the time. We have some story ideas for how to branch out into other moons of Polyphemus and the Alpha Centauri A solar system."

But, never getting too ahead of himself, Cameron stated, "But we've got to make some money with this movie first before we think about the sequel."

For additional information on these planets, the following is an excerpt from "Avatar: An Activist's Survival Guide," as written Maria Willhelm and Dirk Mathison, courtesy of MTV News: "Clouds and oceans were visible on several of the moons larger than 6437 KM in diameter. Remote sensing revealed nitrogen-oxygen atmostpheres on the fifth and sixth moons; this type of atmosphere could only be produced by carbon-cycle life forms."

Let the speculations begin. Should a sequel (or two) be made, do you think it will feature Jake Sully? Will it primarily focus on the battle between humans and the tribal Na'vi, or perhaps it will be mostly just blue people? Or, what if a planet like Polyphemus has green people?

Or rather, what would you like to see in an Avatar sequel?

Source: MTV News, Hero Complex

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