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'Avatar' - Domestic and Worldwide Box Office Numbers

Regardless of whether you fell asleep during Avatar or had your eyeballs explode out of their sockets, the film is an event. More so than many releases of this decade, a lot was riding on its opening weekend revenue. Here's more information on just how well James Cameron's opus did: Worldwide, it made $242.5 million, which is the best opening ever for a "nonsequel."

Even though there was that "blizzard" on the east coast, Avatar saw a drop of revenue of only 3 percent when comparing Saturday to Sunday.

In America, 178 Imax theaters earned a record-breaking $9.5 million. This amount "accounted for 13 percent of the film's total opening number, although Imax locations repped just 3 percent of the total screen count."

Avatar opened in 65 major markets around the world - and was top dog at every single one of them.

"With its estimated international total of $165.5 million, Cameron's pic scored the fifth best opening of all time internationally, narrowly beating the $165.4 million opening of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

Russia was the highest earning country with $20.8 million, second was $20.3 in France, and third was the $14.1 million from the United Kingdom.

It earned Fox it's best openings ever in a few countries: South Korea ($11.4 million), Spain ($10.9 million), and India ($4.7 million).

Variety could not have said it better, however: "Fox needs "Avatar" to have a long and lucrative run: Pic cost $310 million to produce, although tax credits bring that number down to $280 million. Studio likely spent $100 million-$150 million to market the tentpole."

Source: Variety

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