27 Dresses

Plot: Jane (Katherine Heigel) has been a bridesmaid 27 different times. She always gives to others, never taking time for herself. When her sister gets engaged to her boss and secret crush (Ed Burns), helping with this wedding could prove too much. Especially when a journalist (James Marsden) starts to question her life.

Who’s it for: Women who are in need of a girls’ night out. If you love the idea of bumping your head and waking up to your dream man, then this is your movie.

Expectations: I am rarely satisfied with romantic comedies. I always look forward to them, but they seem to rarely capture any hint of authentic humor or romance. Heigel is hot from “Knocked Up” and “Grey’s Anatomy” so that was enough for me.

Katherine Heigel as Jane: Off of the success of “Knocked Up,” Hollywood might have thought it found the next Julia Roberts, but “27 Dresses” doesn’t help Heigel’s resume. Her comic chops just aren’t polished. And more importantly, Jane is depressed for about 90 percent of this film. Where is the joy in that?
Grade: 4

James Marsden as Kevin: He’s now impressed me two straight times. “Enchanted” and “27 Dresses” make me think Marsden has found his calling in romantic comedies. Kevin is a cynic who covers wedding for a New York newspaper. He’s great at faking it, though speaking of fake, this film does an absolutely horrendous job of creating the newsroom environment. There isn’t one editor alive who lets you have months to write a feature and then randomly runs a story without letting you know.
Grade: 7

Edward Burns as George: I just don’t know what to make of Burns. I loved “The Brothers McMullen” way back in 1995. The writer/director/actor has had mild moments at best since then. George is perfect and unaware, or so “27 Dresses” wants us to believe. I’m not buying it.
Grade: 5

Talking: Jane’s the type who wears her emotions on her sleeve, but never tells anyone how she truly feels, except for her best friend Casey, played amusingly by Judy Greer. The only time the dialogue works is when Kevin comes along to flirt and pick fights.
Grade: 4

Sights and sounds: Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” gets the film started in a female version of the “Wedding Crashers” with “Shout!” There’s also a drunk sing-along that helps bring Jane and Kevin a little closer, but the real treat is the hideous bridesmaid dresses that fill Jane’s closet.
Grade: 6

There is enough material between Jane, always being a bridesmaid and hopeless romantic, and Kevin, being a cynic about commitments yet making his living reporting on weddings. So why do they add an unfulfilled office romance and an annoying sister who comes in to steal the show? This is the classic example of trying to squeeze in too much. Heigel doesn’t seem ready to be the queen of romantic comedies and unfortunately we have to watch Jane be depressed almost the entire film. There are only a few moments that feel genuine and allow Heigel to smile. “27 Dresses” is chock-full of cheese and eventually runs out of material.

Overall Grade: 5


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