The Town (Blu-ray/DVD Ultimate Collector’s Edition)

Blu-ray Review

The Town

Directed by: Ben Affleck
Cast: Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm
Running Time: 2 hrs 5 mins
Rating: R
Due Out

PLOT: A long-time bank robber (Affleck) falls for a hostage. Now he must balance those feelings with protecting his crew from the FBI, who are hot on their trail.

WHO’S IT FOR? Feels like a good, old-fashioned classic drama thriller. If you like to root for the bad guy, even though you shouldn’t then you’ll enjoy. Plus, some of you are still Ben Affleck fans, you’ll want to own this one.


Admit it. You’ve forgotten about Ben Affleck a little bit. Sure, he’s still on your mind, but it’s more about his real-life celebrity lifestyle then his talents on the big screen. Somewhere along the line it became the concept of Matt Damon heading down one path, and Ben Affleck the other. Not even his brilliant directorial debut Gone Baby Gone starring his brother Casey Affleck did it for you. Well, hopefully now you can come around and realize Ben Affleck is a Hollywood force. He’s a fantastic director (two for two) and now he’s once again given us a memorable leading-man performance. This cops and robbers (caups and raubbers) movie is a subject we’ve seen before. But the care and effort put into it makes movies like Takers seem worthless. The Town feels like a classic and fresh at the same time. It shouldn’t be missed. You should buy the “Ultimate Collector’s Edition” if you don’t already own The Town.



The Town: A Director’s Journey
Director commentary on teh Theatrical Version, Extended Cut and Extended Cut with Alternate Ending
Pulling Off the Perfect Heist
The Town
Nuns with Guns: Filming in the North End
The Real People of The Town
Ben Affleck: Actor and Director
The Cathedral of Boston
Theatrical Trailer
Personal letter from Ben Affleck
48-page Filmmaking photo book with behind the scenes photos, filmmaking and script notes
Poster-size map of Charlestown with details on crime scenes from the film
Film prop reproductions:
– Rub-on Tattoo sheet with the tattoo from Jem’s neck
– Demond Elden’s Vericom Employee File that the FBI obtained after the first robbery
– Four mug shot cards (from the FBI office)
– 15-page FBI report (as held by FBI Special Agent Adam Frawley in the film)


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