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Top 7 Animated Movies

Top 7 Animated Movies

“Wall*E” has got me thinking. Animated films are beyond kid flicks, with the ability to conjure emotions, have us reexamine our lives and weep for a drawing.

All of these movies have the pedigree to enter the best of the best. And sure, Pixar’s films could make up the whole list. There won’t be any hybrids either, which means no “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” or “Space Jam.” So, with that in mind, here are my Top 7 animated films of all-time … until I see “Wall*E” on DVD, at which point I will then feel very comfortable adding it to the list.

7. Iron Giant (1999)
Not many people saw this gigantic robot on the big-screen. A young boy befriends a giant, alien robot. The government is out to destroy

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Top 7 TV Series Finales

Every show must come to an end (besides “The Simpsons”).

>When talking about series finales, inevitably (older) people bring up “Newhart,” “MASH” or something else that was on 30 years ago. And of course the series finale is a difficult beast to tame.

Trying to make everyone happy and stay true to the show is a lot to ask. Remember all the gut-busting laughter from the “Friends” last hoorah? Neither do I.

But over the past 15 years we’ve gotten some pretty good send-offs. Here are the Top 7 series finales of the past 15 years.

7. Seinfeld (nine seasons)
Recap: Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer witness, laugh at and videotape a crime of an overweight man being robbed. They are charged with a Good Samaritan law for not helping. The trial

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