Jason Reitman the director of Thank you for Smoking

I sat down with the writer/director Jason Reitman to talk about this new film Thank You For Smoking. He was in good spirits and he should have been, the film is getting great reviews and for a first time director to pull off this fantastic ensemble piece is quite an accomplishment.

On Smoking

Reitman doesn’t smoke. He tired it when he was 15, but he said it just hurt too much. After this film he said sarcastically that he got some inside information and it turns out smoking isn’t good for you. But then again he said the Giordano’s pizza he had for lunch would probably kill him sooner.

On being a first time promoter

Reitman has been on tour with this film for quite a while. The best part for Reitman is the food

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‘Tsotsi’ interview with Gavin Hood

I sat down with writer/director Gavin Hood of the Oscar nominated foreign film “Tsotsi.” Hood had the energy of a kid of a sugar-high even though he had been talking to the press for five hours until I showed up. We talked about the film, the characters, the Oscar buzz and even MacGyver. Hood is quiet the talker, and we […]

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