Hall of Fame Actor Nominations? Vote Now — 10th TSR Movie Awards

10th Annual TSR Movie Awards

Hall of Fame Actor Nominations

Anthony Hopkins
Tommy Lee Jones
Gene Hackman
Sean Penn
Mel Gibson
Tom Cruise
Warren Beatty
Robin Williams
Dustin Hoffman
Joe Pesci

Actors already in the TSR Movie Awards Hall of Fame

Bill Murray
Tom Hanks
Robert DeNiro
Edward Norton
Morgan Freeman
Jack Nicholson
Kevin Spacey
Johnny Depp
Clint Eastwood
Paul Newman
Daniel Day Lewis
Denzel Washington
Jimmy Stewart
George Clooney
Al Pacino
Michael Caine

This is just one of the categories in the 10th Annual TSR Movie Awards. Categories range from the typical (Best Overall Cast, Best Actor, Best Film) to the atypical (Best Ending, Best Quote, Funniest).

If you have seen two movies or 200, it doesn’t matter. You only vote for the films you have seen.


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